1949 Paris Galibier for sale; 60cm/23.5 inches c-t-c

I bought this rare bike in October 2014 as an unrestored frame. I originally thought it was a 1951-52 model but it now been confirmed by the VCC’s marque specialist, Alvin Smith, as a mid-1949 build, so it’s 70 years old this year. The frame was checked and restored by Argos Cycles in Bristol. Argos […]

Domloup to Saint-Malo, the final ride in France

We were awake early with bright sunshine streaming through the window. Breakfast was booked for 8:30am and we decided to finish the journey to Saint-Malo, even though it was two days until we were due to catch the ferry. According to the weather forecast, there would be an easterly wind, a crosswind for our direction […]

Rochefort to Les Herbiers – a much better day’s riding, despite the afternoon rain

Rather than breakfast at the hotel, we perched outside of a cafe in the centre of Rochefort and shared a huge almond croissant. A couple of double espressos each kicked started us into riding North again and we enjoyed two benefits over the last couple of days: it wasn’t raining (well, not more than a […]

Heading to Eurovelo 1 in France: South Wraxall to Hendaye

The plan I’ve been keen to visit the Landes region of South West France for several years and when I discovered Eurovelo 1, a cycling route that stretches from Portugal to Norway, in part running north-south along the French Atlantic coast, it seemed a good way to explore the region, at least in part. Eurovelo […]